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Rich and Famous Divorce: They’re just like us.

While TMZ and E! News give us all the juicy drama about celeb divorce, what they forget to discuss is how celebrity divorces compare to the rest of us. Here are some common divorce and separation issues that are currently creative media buzz. Kevin Federline Demands $60k per month in Child Support from Britney Spears.  […]

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Protecting Your Email Account During Divorce.

In the technology age, the majority of the communication we do is either through email or text message. Most attorneys use email to communicate with their clients as it keeps a record of all communication and allows the attorney to keep the client constantly up to date regarding their case. Additionally, many spouses or co-parents […]

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Create Your Own Divorce Rules.

Many people equate divorce with the term “failure.” But why? Throughout our lives, we break-up many relationships without being associated with the label “failure.” We break-up professional relationships and define them as “a fresh start,” “a difference of opinion,” or “having different goals.” We break-up friendships and define it as “growing up” or “having different […]

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Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

Going through a contentious divorce can make it difficult to see the big picture. If your divorce involves minor children, you should try to keep your children’s exposure to conflict to a minimum. This means putting your feelings towards your ex-spouse or co-parent aside for the sake of the children. With Father’s Day approaching, parents […]

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The Emotions of Divorce

Divorce is no laughing matter, but it is important to keep things in perspective. There can be times of anger, sadness, and even relief throughout the process. Take a moment to think about how you see your divorce or family law dispute playing out as only you can decide what the legancy of your divorce […]

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