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Five Stars

I super recommend this firm

Emily has been an amazing attorney to navigate me through this divorce process. She has never criticized or judged me in my emotional roller coaster of a divorce. She has always been upfront, letting me know honest and most likely possibilities. She never fills your head with false hopes just to take money or whatever other lawyers do. This firm is so worth it and I am so happy to have them in my corner through this time in my life. Emily and Alex have been more than reassuring. They call to make sure I'm okay and to update me on things so I'm aware. Whenever something new pops up they are ready with a plan. If you ever need help or advice I super recommend this firm. It is truly a blessing.

Katelyn R.
Five Stars

Absolutely recommend Chelsea and her team

Hepner & Pagan led me through a challenging time with the upmost care, honest, responsive, and thorough communication. Chelsea particularly met all my expectations and then some. If you're looking for a firm that truly cares about their clients best interest, look no further. Absolutely recommend Chelsea and her team of highly competent attorneys.

Matthew M.
Five Stars

Excellent Divorce Lawyer

Emily guided me through my divorce case, and made sure the entire process went smoothly. She had helped me close my case as fast as possible. Highly recommended!

Five Stars

Her knowledge of the court system and process is outstanding

Chelsea Pagan recently represented me in my nasty divorce and did a great job bringing it to a completion. She outwitted and outmaneuvered the other lawyers throughout the process while keeping me from blowing my top due to negative messaging constantly coming from the other side. Her knowledge of the court system and process is outstanding and helped in shortening the process by months. I would highly recommend Chelsea for your divorce... and do it before your future ex contracts with her first.

Scott S.
Five Stars

Couldn’t have been more satisfied and grateful for all the hardwork

I hired Emily for my divorce case and through our divorce she and her staff was always there for any questions or advice to me. If anybody going through a marital divorce case if not hiring Emily and her firm as the attorney it would be a costly mistake as you go through your divorce proceedings, very knowledgeable and knows the proper which can help your case. Couldn’t have been more satisfied and grateful for all the hardwork and the results Emily was to obtain in my divorce case. Thank you too Emily and her staff, cheers!

Five Stars

She is extremely efficient and to the point

I could not have been more pleased with the representation I received from Chelsea Pagan. She is all about getting things settled in a timely fashion. Chelsea took over my case from another firm that seemed to prolong the process incurring hours upon hours of legal fees. As soon as Chelsea took over things progressed very quickly. She is extremely efficient and to the point. I really liked her approach of resolving as much as possible outside of the courts. I also appreciated the fact that anytime I needed to speak with her she was always available via email or phone call.

Kimberley R.
Five Stars

My case is finally in the right hands

Upon my initial interview with Emily Hepner the perfect balanced aura of confidence yet compassion reflected off of her. Even with my previous phone consultation, I was rather impressed which led to my willingness to retain and consult. Though I have not experienced the pleasure of watching her in action yet, that time will be coming soon. I'm delighted to say even though my situation is not a pleasant one I'm confident that my case is finally in the right hands. She's definitely the momma bear my children and I need. I will update with a detailed experience after the hearing. Stay tuned...

Kristina M.
Five Stars

You won't be disappointed

I retained Chelsea Pagan. I can't imagine getting this through without Chelsea and her team. I had a very high conflict child custody. My case involves a move away case (different county) I relocated to a new county after my marriage but my case is still in Santa Clara county. She took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions thoroughly. She is very responsive to her emails. She has a great team. I spoke with Alex for my first initial meet in the office. She gathered all the information needed to further process my case. I'm telling you when I say they work fast, they do! My case was never delayed. Every documentation was submitted on the day and time given. She walks in the courtroom with great confidence and you feel the energy as she stands by you behind that podium. I really recommend with anyone looking for an attorney for family law stop looking and retain Chelsea and her team. You won't be disappointed. I want to say thank you again Chelsea for giving me peace of mind and moving forward with my family.

Annie H.
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