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Campbell Full Representation Family Lawyer

Full Representation in Your Complex Family Law Matter in Campbell or Santa Clara County

At Hepner & Pagan, we know that not every legal matter needs to be completed by an attorney from start to finish, and some clients wish to take a more active role in their legal cause than others. That’s why we’ve designed a menu of legal services to provide the right level of representation that meets your specific needs. For some matters, however, having full representation from an experienced family law attorney is not only advisable, but it would be a mistake to go with anything less.

Our goal at Hepner & Pagan is to be responsive to your needs and provide the right level of services that fit your budget and are appropriate considering the simplicity or complexity of the legal matter. When you need full representation, our team is here to advise you, assist you and advocate on your behalf inside and outside of the courtroom. Family law matters are too important not to give your full attention and make the best effort you can for a positive result. With our dedicated Campbell family attorneys on your side, you can expect full representation geared toward a successful outcome on your behalf. Our mindset is always geared towards finding ways to keep you out of court and move you through the process in a manner that allows both parties to move on, avoiding costly gamesmanship often present in traditional litigation with attorneys.

When Do I Need Full Representation?

Our goal is always to resolve your legal matter at the earliest possible stage in a manner that serves the best interests of you and your family. When settlement outside of court isn’t working, some cases will require going to court. For these hard-to-resolve cases, our experienced litigators expertly navigate the court process to make sure your rights are protected and interests promoted at every step.

Here are some of the benefits of obtaining full representation from Hepner & Pagan in Campbell:

We are your attorney of record. All notifications from the court come directly to us, as do all communications from the attorney on the other side of your divorce or family law dispute. We’ll keep you informed and updated on any developments and answer your questions whenever you have any, but you needn’t worry about dealing with court papers or responding to the other party. We take care of all of that.

We manage your case from start to finish. With Hepner & Pagan in your corner, you have the advantage of a fully-staffed legal office equipped to handle every aspect of your case, including retrieving and analyzing documents, deposing parties and witnesses, filing motions, and making court appearances.

We ensure that timelines are met and your case progresses forward to avoid delay. Legal matters have lots of i’s to dot and t’s to cross, and if you are going to court, there are deadlines to file papers and responses that are critical to moving your case forward and avoiding having a default judgment entered against you. We have case management software and staff to help ensure deadlines aren’t missed and that we are fully prepared at every stage.

Resolving your case. Litigation means initiating legal action; it doesn’t always mean a courtroom trial. When we are litigating your case, we are preparing for a future trial but at the same time evaluating all information and communications and looking for points of possible agreement. Our goal is to settle or resolve your case as efficiently, cost-effectively, and amicably as possible, but always with an eye toward protecting your rights and making sure your best interests and your those of your children are well-served in the final outcome. Whether your case resolves at trial or before, we take pains to ensure your needs and goals are adequately reflected.

Full Representation for Your Campbell or Santa Clara County Family Law Matter

To learn more about full representation and the other levels of service we offer, including mediation and legal coaching, give us a call at 408-429-8336. We offer a free, 20-minute consultation to go over these options with you and let you know how we think your matter can best be served. Whatever you choose, rest assured our family law attorneys are committed to your well-being and helping you reach your goals.

For help with divorce or other family law issues in Campbell or Santa Clara County, call Hepner & Pagan, LLP at 408-429-8336.

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