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Practice Areas

Family Law Disputes: We understand the complexity of family law. Let our lawyers handle your case, whether you’re getting divorced or pursuing alimony.

Mediation: Our attorneys can use legal tactics like mediation to keep you out of the courtroom. Contact us for a chance to avoid a trial.

Alimony: You deserve to maintain your standard of living through alimony. We’ll examine your circumstances to decide how much to request.

Child Custody: Getting time with your children is important, so don’t handle custody issues alone. We’ll help you pursue sole or joint custody.

Child Support: Your child should be supported by both parents. Our attorneys will help with child support calculations, adjustments, and more.

Child Support Modification: If changes in your life make it impossible to pay child support, contact us for help adjusting the amount.

Divorce: Divorce is common, but that doesn’t mean you should handle it alone. Let us help with your legal needs.

Contested Divorce: If you and your spouse can’t agree on the details of the divorce, you need quality legal representation.

Uncontested Divorce: Even when your divorce is uncontested, you need a lawyer to ensure the terms you agree to are fair.

Collaborative Divorce: This may be your answer if you want to avoid the courtroom. Contact us to learn more.

LGBTQ Divorce: Same-sex divorce can be complicated due to changing laws. Hire a lawyer who has handled cases for LGBTQ clients.

Paternity: You deserve answers any time there is a question of paternity. Let us guide you through the legal process.

Postnuptial agreements: It’s not too late to secure your financial future. Call us for help drafting the documents you need.

Prenuptial agreements: If you want to protect your assets before marriage, we have the legal resources you need.

Property Division: Dividing your assets and debts is complicated. Our lawyers can simplify the process for you.