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My divorce was dealt with professionally, with tons of care, and precision. We were able to go through mediation and despite the circumstances, was an amazingly fast and detail oriented process. I loved working with this crew, and can't recommend them highly enough. Chelsea & her team are excellent humans - and like i said, even when there were unexpected bumps in the process, they handled it all quickly and with tons of communication. I always felt in the loop and even when i wasn't sure what the outcome was, i knew Chelsea and her team were totally on it, which gave me loads of mental peace.

Highly highly recommended!

Michelle P

Chelsea and her team helped me when I was having a difficult time with an already established divorce, and I could not have been happier with her expertise and advice. She was able to walk me through my options, explain risks, and when it was necessary, do an amazing job representing me in court. On top of that she was very precise and judicious with her time, deliberately saving me money when she could have easily done the opposite. I’ve always told her I hope I never need her services again but if I do I’ll work with her again in a heartbeat.

Jonathan S

Chelsea and her team are highly recommended! They are professional, timely, organized, and communicative. In an extremely high conflict divorce, Chelsea was able to guide and give me all possible options and potential outcomes, while ultimately getting to resolution. She was always aiming for my interest, while being clear about all possibilities. She knows the process and is someone you want on your side. Chelsea and her team are awesome!

Katie S

I could not have been more pleased with the representation I received from Chelsea Pagan. She is all about getting things settled in a timely fashion. Chelsea took over my case from another firm that seemed to prolong the process incurring hours upon hours of legal fees. As soon as Chelsea took over things progressed very quickly. She is extremely efficient and to the point. I really liked her approach of resolving as much as possible outside of the courts. I also appreciated the fact that anytime I needed to speak with her she was always available via email or phone call.

Kimberley R