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Campbell Divorce Coaching

Legal Coaching for Your Family Law Matter in Campbell or Santa Clara County

We know that some people are wary of cost when it comes to hiring a lawyer, or they want to be sure they can have some control over the process. It’s not always necessary to have an attorney represent you for every family law matter, and the Santa Clara County courts have a self-help section on their website that can guide you through at least the basics of divorce/dissolution, child/spousal support, and custody and visitation. If you are willing to put in the time and the effort, these resources can help you accomplish certain basic family law tasks on your own such as getting or changing a court order, especially if the matter is not being contested by another party.

If you are going about things on your own, you can still benefit from having an attorney to call on when you need her. Our Campbell divorce lawyers at Hepner & Pagan, LLP offer legal coaching services to meet you where you are in the family law process and offer advice, technical assistance, or representation as best suits your needs. Read more about our legal coaching services below, and give us a call at 408-688-9153 to discuss your situation and explore your options. We’ll be happy to let you know if we think legal coaching could be right for you.

What Is Legal Coaching and What Does It Do?

Legal coaching means that you are representing yourself in your family law matter, but you have the benefit of an experienced family law attorney – a legal coach – to guide you and answer questions about the law or legal process related to your case. As your legal coach, we can assist you in many different ways according to your needs. Some of the services we can perform include:

Meeting with you to brainstorm a strategy for working with the other party. We can help ensure you know what you are getting into, know what to expect, and have a clear game plan for reaching your goals.

Reviewing documents or agreements and providing guidance. Before you sign any legal or binding documents, whether they were prepared by you or the other party’s attorney, it’s important to have your own independent legal counsel look them over, make sure they do what you want them to, and don’t contain any pitfalls or mistakes that could undo all the hard work you’ve put into creating them.

Assisting with drafting and submitting documents as needed. Even the most basic court order or legal form can be intimidating if you haven’t dealt with one before. We can provide assistance at whatever level you need to make sure your documents are accurate, complete, and appropriate for your needs.

Joining you in negotiations or mediation with other parties and their attorneys as needed and upon request. We’ll be there to advise you, answer questions or advocate on your behalf in whatever capacity is best suited for a smooth and satisfactory resolution.

Is Legal Coaching Right for You?

With legal coaching, you are in control of attorney fees by only being charged when you ask us to do specific work on your behalf. We know that cost can be a significant concern for some couples or individual parties, and we are pleased to offer this level of service in appropriate circumstances.

To learn more about legal coaching, call Hepner & Pagan, LLP, at 408-688-9153 to schedule a consultation. We offer a phone consultation to explain legal coaching and other options such as mediation or full representation. We’ll let you know what we think your case needs, but whatever you decide, you’ll find us by your side, committed to your well-being and helping you get the results you need.

For help with a divorce or other family law matters in Campbell or Santa Clara County, call Hepner & Pagan, LLP, at 408-688-9153.