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Campbell Child Support Modification Lawyers Helping Parents Request Changes to Child Support Orders

As a parent, you have a responsibility to help financially support your children based on what the child support order states. However, sometimes circumstances change and the amount you’re supposed to pay no longer makes sense, as your income, parenting time, or expenses may have changed significantly.

If that’s the case, you should talk to an experienced family law attorney about how to modify child support. As you wait to speak with a lawyer, you should continue making child support payments to avoid the penalties of missing payments. The sooner you initiate your request for child support modification, the sooner you can change the amount you pay, so contact a child support attorney at our Campbell law firm.

What Are Grounds to Modify Child Support?

To modify child support payments, you must first show the court that you have experienced a significant life change that makes it difficult to keep paying the amount on the existing court order. To reduce your child support obligations, you must prove that one of these changes has occurred:

  • You lost your job
  • Your income has been significantly decreased due to reduced work hours
  • You’re in the military and have been deployed
  • You’re incarcerated
  • You now have another child to support
  • You now spend more time with the child due to custody changes

These are common reasons for the noncustodial parent to request a decrease in child support. However, the custodial parent can also ask for child support modifications to increase the amount they receive. Some reasons to increase the amount on the support order include:

  • The noncustodial parent’s income has increased significantly
  • The custodial parent lost their job
  • The child’s financial needs have changed, such as increased health care or educational expense

It is possible to change child support orders temporarily. For example, a parent can request temporary orders until they get a new job or the child’s financial needs return to normal. Either way, you will need the legal guidance of a family law attorney if you want to change your child support order, so call our Campbell law firm today.

How Can You Prove a Change in Circumstances?

As you prepare to talk to a child support lawyer about adjusting your court order, you should know how the process will go. First, you must obtain and fill out legal forms from the court, which your attorney can help with. These forms will ask you about your income, expenses, and which circumstances have changed. Be prepared to show proof when filing these forms with the court clerk. This can include one or more of the following:

  • Recent paystubs from your job
  • Your latest tax return
  • A termination notice from a job you lost
  • A statement from a witness who can attest to your circumstances change

Your Campbell child support attorney will determine the proper evidence to present to the judge when showing that you can no longer make the same payments for child support. Once you have all the child support modification paperwork in order, your lawyer will arrange for the other parent to be served with court documents. You will then get a court date for your court hearing, where the judge will decide on whether to modify child support.

Do You Have To Go To Court to Modify Your Child Support Order?

If you want to avoid going to court, you’re not alone. Most people – and their lawyers – aim to reach an agreement outside the courtroom when possible. So, if you and the other parent can compromise on the amount of child support, you can work with them outside of court to settle this family law issue. Of course, this is typically only possible if you’re on good terms.

If so, you should contact a Campbell child support modification lawyer to discuss your case. They will advise you on the right legal action, including working with a mediator and the custodial parent to modify the child support amount. Once you agree on an adjusted amount, you can ask a judge to sign the child support modification paperwork. This will help if the other party changes their mind or if getting legal assistance with child support enforcement becomes necessary.

Why Should You Hire Campbell Child Support Modification Lawyers?

If your circumstances have changed and paying child support is difficult, you should hire a family law attorney in Campbell. While parents have a duty to meet the financial needs of their children, they still have to be able to afford their bills, such as housing. If you’re having financial trouble, talking to a local child support lawyer can help you get the modified payment amount you’re hoping for.

Similarly, if you need to request an increase in child support from the noncustodial parent due to increased expenses for your children, you should hire a lawyer. A skilled legal team has the experience and knowledge of family law that you need to change the amount on your child support order successfully. If you’re ready to request a modification of the child support amount you pay or receive, call us at 408-688-9153.