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Campbell Paternity Lawyers Helping Parents Get Answers To Questions About Paternity

If you’re dealing with a family law matter involving a child, establishing paternity may be necessary before you can move forward. After all, the answer to the question of paternity can affect everything, including how often a father gets to see his child and how much financial support a mother receives. So, whether you’re the mother or the presumed father in this scenario, you deserve to get fast, accurate answers on the biological father’s identity.

At Hepner & Pagan, LLP, we understand the importance of not only knowing paternity but being able to prove it for your legal case. That’s why we help our clients establish paternity when there are doubts about it. If you need to prove who the father of a child is, call our Campbell law firm for assistance establishing paternity.

Why Should You Establish Your Child’s Paternity?

Some parents want to establish paternity because they have doubts about who the father is, and that’s understandable. If you want to know if you’re the father of a child, or if you’re a mother who is not positive about who the father of your child is, you deserve to find out through a paternity test.

But there are legal benefits to establishing paternity, as well. If you want custody or visitation with a child and the mother claims you’re not the biological father, you must prove that you are if you want to maintain your rights to see the child.

Child support also relies heavily on the results of the paternity test. If you do not believe you’re the biological father of a child, but the child’s mother claims that you are and wants you to pay child support, a paternity test will prove your case. If you’re the child’s mother in this situation, you must prove who the father is if you want child support.

Regardless of why you need to establish paternity, our family law attorneys can help. Contact us today to talk to trusted paternity lawyers in Campbell, California.

How Does Establishing Paternity Affect the Child?

The parents are not the only ones affected in a paternity case. The child also deserves to know who their biological father is. Not only does this give them a sense of identity and a chance to bond with their parent, but they will also become eligible for certain benefits. These might include:

  • Child support
  • Health and life insurance through the father’s plan
  • A chance to receive an inheritance from the father
  • Eligibility for the father’s social security benefits, death benefits, and other government aid
  • The ability to sue for the wrongful death of their father

It’s important for a child to find out who their biological father is, and our firm can help with this. Contact our Campbell paternity lawyers to learn more.

How Does the Process Work?

If you will be taking a paternity test, it’s helpful to know what to expect. If the child’s mother requested you take one, you likely got a court order. Contact a paternity lawyer before you take the test to protect your rights.

You should also hire a lawyer if you voluntarily wish to establish paternity, as you’ll need to submit a request for paternity testing through the court. In most cases, the DNA test will take a saliva sample to determine how likely it is that you’re the biological father. If you are, you will have to pay child support. You’ll also have the right to petition for visitation or custody of the child. Contact our Campbell law firm for advice on your case.

Are You Ready to Hire Paternity Lawyers in Campbell?

Whether you received a court order to take a DNA test or want to establish paternity voluntarily, we can assist you. At Hepner & Pagan, LLP, we have helped many families get the answers they needed when there was a question regarding paternity.

It’s important for children to get all the benefits they’re entitled to through both parents and for parents to bond with their children. That’s why we’re eager to help you establish paternity so you can move forward with your child support or child custody case. Call us today at 408-688-9153 to schedule an initial consultation with caring Campbell paternity lawyers.