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What Should You Expect From Divorce Mediation?

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In Santa Clara County, there is more than one way to get a divorce. Many people first think of litigated divorces, which take place in a courtroom and always have the increased potential of becoming contentious and filled with conflict. Fortunately, litigation is just one option during the divorce process, and you have many others. Mediation is a great way for couples to resolve their issues during divorce and can provide many benefits for people who choose this route.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process that involves the opposing parties and an objective mediator. The mediator does not provide legal advice or make any final decisions. Instead, they only try to encourage compromise and communication between the couple so they can resolve their issues. It is always advised that you work with a Santa Clara County divorce lawyer while going through mediation to ensure your rights are upheld. At Hepner & Pagan, LLP we not only represent clients participating in mediation, but our firms provides full service mediation as well.

Mediation Provides a Quicker Resolution

When going through mediation, you are not subject to the schedule of the courts, which are notoriously backlogged. While it could take you months just to schedule your first court hearing, mediation typically only takes a matter of weeks. Due to the fact that mediation is so much quicker than battling out your issues in the courtroom, it is also cheaper. Generally speaking, the longer a divorce case takes to resolve, the more costly it is for everyone involved.

Greater Control

Couples who choose to take their case to court have very little control over the process. A judge will make the final decision and those decisions are final and legally binding. The parties have very little input, and very few options if they do not agree with the judge’s ultimate decision. During mediation though, couples retain complete control over the divorce process. It is the parties directly involved in the case that make all the decisions, resulting in a final agreement that is beneficial to both sides.

A Better Relationship Post-Divorce

Divorces can be bitter and create a lot of tension between the opposing parties. The bitterness and feelings of resentment do not always vanish after divorce. When couples can resolve their disputes through mediation, there is less chance of conflict and tension building during the case. This can make it easier for the two parties to move forward post-divorce. This is particularly important for couples who have children and will have to continue co-parenting once the divorce is final.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Santa Clara County Can Represent You During Mediation

When going through mediation, it is still very important that you work with a Santa Clara County divorce lawyer. At Hepner & Pagan, LLP, our seasoned attorneys can negotiate with the other side, make sure your rights are upheld, and give you the best chance of obtaining a full and fair settlement. Call us now at 408-688-9153 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys and to learn more about how we can help.

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