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Why Is Divorce Mediation So Popular? Here Are Four Reasons

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Divorce is never something anyone ever wants to go through. The process can be long, emotional, and draining. The type of divorce you get, though, significantly impacts the overall effect it will have on you. Litigated divorces, or those that go to trial, are some of the most combative and difficult cases. Couples who choose to mediate their divorce using this method often find resolving their disputes easier and less emotional. More couples today are choosing to mediate their divorce disputes and below, our Campbell family law mediation lawyer explains four reasons why.

Mediation is Cost-Effective

Of all the ways couples can get divorced, litigation is by far the most expensive. If your case proceeds to a divorce trial, both sides will have to formally share documents with each other and the court, and you will need to present your case in court. This will result in additional legal fees and it will take longer, which inherently makes a divorce case more expensive. Litigation can increase the cost of the divorce process by 300%-600%. Mediation does have some expenses attached to it but it is much more cost-effective in the long run.

Mediation is Confidential

Anything that is said in court documents becomes part of public record. Although many people may not be interested in looking those records up to learn about what happened in your divorce case, some may. Additionally, if you have a high net worth or significant marital assets that are subject to division, you may wish to keep those matters private. Under California law, anything that is said in mediation remains confidential. You can feel to discuss your dispute with relative privacy, which can provide for a more nuanced divorce settlement.

Mediation Places You in Control

During litigation, a family law judge will need to apply the laws about property division, child custody, and more to your case. They will also have to try and obtain an understanding of your situation, as well as that of your spouse’s. Resolving your issues through mediation, though, will put you and your spouse fully in control. This can allow you to create a more customized solution that works for your situation.

Mediation Keeps Your Kids Out of It

Divorce is difficult enough on any children involved. If you litigate your divorce, you may be exposing them to even more damaging effects. They may have to speak to a judge in their chambers, or they may even have to testify. In California, there is no law that prohibits children from testifying in family law matters. Mediating your divorce will allow you to keep your children out of it, which can make the entire process easier for them.

Our Family Law Mediation Lawyer in Campbell Can Help You Through the Process

Mediation has many benefits but still, it is not always the right choice for everyone. If you are getting a divorce and want to know if the process is right for you, call our seasoned attorney focusing on matrimonial disputes at Hepner & Pagan, LLP can outline your legal options and advise on the one that is right for you. Call us now at 408-688-9153 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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